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Friday, 4 November 2016

Recommendation Letter Templates | Reference Letter

A recommendation letter is a document that provides the Admission Committee or covocation a comprehensive and a thorough  insight to your suitable candidature for admission into the concerned and respective  University. The letter aims at enabling the Admission Committee gain a clearer and favorable picture of your experience, achievements, contributions and skills communicated by the recommender through the recommendation letter and it is basically a proof bt the recommender towards the candidate that he or she is suitable for it or not ,and I have experienced the particular candidate in a particular field. Earlier this was not required but nowadays LOR is as equally important as the statement purpose ,admission essays , resumes and all the basic documents.

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A candidate must have two or three LOR from the authorised recommender, almost every application necessitates submission of 2-3 recommendation letters, you must have your recommenders identified and agreed to prepare your letter well in time. Also, don’t underrate the importance of an LOR as it is  important  through in every field whether the academic or professional , While choosing the right recommender , you must remember a few key pointers following which you will end up submitting outstanding LOR’s to the Admission Committee.

Job Recommendation Letter Format

Recommendation Letter Templates

Personal Letter of Recommendation

Recommendation Letter Templates

Free Reference Letter Template

Keeping those key points in mind you have to move ahead. This is what LOR is? and now the question arises how to write  Letter of recommendation? As we know it  is an unscrupulous  academic practice, it is quite  obvious that most of the recommendation letters for MS degrees in US and Europe from countries like India and China are written by students themselves. they used to write the LOR of their name by their ownselves.  Students apply en masse; the faculty strength in departments in every college of  any universities is too huge there are infinite of students studied in different departments of the different sections in the college ; the few professors hardly get the time to have even recognised students of their own class and they hardly get time to  write recommendations for all applying students.

Recommendation Letter for High School Student

Recommendation Letter Templates

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Moreover a 4-year engineering degree is dominated by coursework and professors are unlikely to get to know students outside the classroom they know just about what is actually going through the four walls of classroom. Let us set aside the question of whom to blame for this practice or whom to allegate and look at the question that sneaked  into the  most of the  applicants' minds: "In the event that I have to write a recommendation letter on my own, what are the points I need to bear in mind and concerned about ?"

College Recommendation Letter Sample

Recommendation Letter Templates

I have the following points:

  • Ensuring similarity of language among all letters from a particular professor this is mandatory to follow the same language all through the letter, maturity of presentation and avoidance of blandishment.
  • Creating tonal differences among different recommendation letters.
  • Avoid lame appreciations of the candidates The third one is oft-quoted but is found to be very tough to execute in practice. 

These all are the golden rules each one of us should follow while writing or let the recommender write for you.

Types of Reference Letter

Letter is categorised into two broad categories :

1.Academic  LOR
2.Proffessional LOR

Academic LOR

A letter of recommendation provided by a faculty member of your previous institute or college . Usually universities ask for you to provide two or three LORs from your previous institute ( this could be your teachers from your schools in case of undergraduate courses and professors from your college in case you are applying for masters's programs). The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Format from Faculty often varies in the content and requires the professor to highlight the applicant's accomplishments as a student of the course. Often, these are more relevant to MS Colleges Abroad or Bachelor Courses abroad.

Professional LOR

Prifessional LOR is a document by the cabinet , A candidate rewuired such types of LOR mostly when they are recruited by the firms of abroad most of  the MBA

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